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Lee Embers

Lesbian LGBTQ+ Fiction & Memoir Author

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The Low Country

Single for two years, thirty-one-year-old Madison was still hunting for a woman to share her life with. Petite and athletic, but introspective too, she sought someone to challenge her both physically and mentally. Increasingly, though, Madison’s love quest felt fruitless and futile. Was finding that smart and sexy lady such a tall ask?

Contemporary Lesbian Romance

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Brain Storms

It was June 1995. Lee was barely twenty-one—a baby dyke just out of college and living as an adult for the first time. Athletic and sensitive, she sought deep conversation and as much dancing as possible.

Reared in the gay clubs of Manhattan, Beth was edgy with a devious sense of humor. Michelle, the third and last of the roommates, was a small-town southern lesbian—confident, charming, and on the prowl.

Lee had wide eyes for both of them. It felt like free and easy living as Lee soaked in the salty, sandy breezes of being in the moment. But the anger and scars of rejection simmered beneath, and then everything became urgent and explosive. How could Lee separate the ecstasy of that time from the grief that overwhelmed her now?

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Lesbian Memoir

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About Lee Embers

Lee Embers came out in 1993 at age nineteen while attending The College of William & Mary. Five years later, she followed both her father and grandfather into the federal service, where she’s been a program manager with the U.S. Department of Commerce for nearly twenty-five years.

She currently lives with her wife in Maryland. All three of her cats were adopted on vacation—two from Vieques, Puerto Rico, and one from the mountains near Luray, Virginia—and everyone reminds her now, before trips, that cats are not souvenirs.

Lee’s first book, Brain Storms, is her memoir of a lesbian whirlwind romance in the 1990s and the series of confusing events that led her to delayed grief and post-traumatic growth in the 2020s. Her novel, The Low Country, is a sexy lesbian romp with a backdrop of social commentary and emotional analysis.

In her spare time, Lee enjoys biking, beaching, and traveling.